"Throughout my modeling and acting career, I've worked with many makeup artists and the main issue I've had was their lack of understanding of what makeup works best for my skin tone as it relates to the environment of the photo or video shoot.  I was driven to learn how to apply my own makeup because of this lack of expertise and unsatisfactory experiences. Stacy came into my life when I worked on the most important project of my acting career.  I needed the BEST and that was exactly what I got with Stacy and her team. I was amazed and thoroughly satisfied with their work and to this date I am willing to adjust my schedule so that I always have the opportunity to work with Stacy and her team. Their great work was instrumental in allowing the audience and myself to believe my character.  It is safe to say that the degree of her professionalism always greatly and positively impacts productions.  I cannot imagine the hair and makeup needs of future projects without thinking of Stacy and her team!  She is in a class of her own!" 

Ronnie Graham

"What can I say about Stacy Gray and her team. Straight excellence. I’ve known Stacy for a number of years and she has never disappointed me or any of the clients we were working with. Stacy and her team brings professionalism and experience to every set. She knows how to troubleshoot and make a difficult situation look easy. Stacy also has a great sense of humor which thru tough shoots gets the crew thru the day. Stacy is A1 and I’m very fortunate to know her and work her!!!!"

Kareem Johnson

Exec Producer / Commissioner


"Stacy and I have been working together for decades now. A Supermodel OG who has earned her stripes as well as my eternal trust. From VIP clientele with confidential sets on complete lock down, to the ambitious schedule days that require a call of duty far beyond a reasonable hour or location. Consistently, Stacy and her team are integral players, filled with talent, heart, mature set educate and devotion to the creative and the humans behind it. No matter the coast, but especially if you Shooting and have an event in the east, if you need makeup and hair. Start with Stacy. Their words I’ve loved by and haven’t failed me."


Jil Hardin

Film Producer / Executive Producer

"For the past 20 years Stacy Gray has been my staple for hair and make up! Period. I can hire Stacy and trust her to creatively connect with all types of clients. Stacy and her team always go above and beyond what’s asked and they’re all a sincere pleasure to have on set! Her staff has held me down on several occasions and I honestly can’t say enough wonderful a things about them! No project is too big, too small, too left or too right for them... they just show up on time ready to work! As a producer, it’s so refreshing to make 1 phone call and know my entire glam team is handled for the entire course of the job. I’m a big fan!"


John Lathan



"In our industry there are many beauty professionals to choose from-all at the top of their game. As a Producer I look for more in my crew than just their ability to do their job well. I look to surround myself with people who have heart-that care about the project, the talent, their fellow crew members so that if it's a difficult shoot we know that the team will pull through. Stacy Gray is the epitome of heart, sass, talent and sunshine. She lights up my set, my talent always love her and even on my not-so-good-days she can put a smile on my face and give me words of encouragement to push on through. She's not blinded by the fame and she treats the first-time-on-set model as equal as the A-list celebrity. Stacy is more than just a superb artist she is a production jewel." 

Cordielle Street

NYC Producer

"Stacy Gray is a consummate professional bar none.  She brought a wealth of experience, get-it-done attitude and a true collaborative spirit to the projects we’ve done together and has proven herself an invaluable member of my creative team time and time again.  In addition to her esteemed talents she is also a compassionate and generous human being. I could not recommend her services highly enough."  

Ron Norsworthy, 
Creative Director, Visual Artist & Designer 

"I had the privilege to work with Stacy Gray and her talented SGRAYUNLIMITED team on a film project entitled "Curse of War". Their attention to detail was impeccable and her positive energy helped us all get through the long and intense shoot days. Another great thing about Stacy is she continues to support the project long after it was completed. She is, in one word, amazing energy-on-set model as equal as the A-list celebrity. Stacy is more than just a superb artist she is a production jewel." 

Abdul Malik Abbot


"Stacy Gray is a phenomenal hair stylist, I can’t say enough about her talent and professionalism.  Stacy cut my hair on a film shoot. I was terrified to let anyone cut my hair especially someone I just met.  She cut my hair into a style that not only complimented my face and character  I was playing but left me with sexy hair. Now I trust only Stacy to cut my hair and I’ve been very, very happy. I constantly recommend her and her team for jobs because they are all that good."


Sally A. Stewart

"I met Stacy Gray many years ago in Miami. She was already an established Professional in the game, I was just an Assistant at the time. What initially struck me was how she treated me with the same respect and light as the person who introduced us who had a greater position than me. 

Many years later as I was building my brand as a Producer, SGrayUnlimited was an integral part of my victories and successes. I would call Stacy for jobs and she would always work with my budgets despite some rough budgets lol! I started to my benefit for budgetary reasons give Stacy (SGrayUnlimited) my whole glam department. She would always have the proper support regardless of pay. Stacy Gray being the entrepreneur she is turned that favor for me into a thriving business. Many other Producers and companies followed suit giving Stacy both hair and make-up departments and today SGrayUnlimited has multiple shoots going any given day of the year! This is a testament to SGrayUnlimited’s foresight to invest in their clients in order to build lasting working relationships for mutual benefit. Today that foresight is paying off as SGrayUnlimited is firmly planted in not only the music world, but the commercial world, as well as the long form market! 

I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Stacy Gray personally over the many years of business shared. I can attest to the quality of her character and beauty of her heart! Most importantly in this space I’d like to say Stacy Gray and her team at SGrayUnlimited are consummate Professionals, bring a great energy to any set, and will always deliver superlative results!!!!!!" 

Brien Justiniano


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